in between waiting for marvel swag and waiting for marvel swag i got to meet evangeline lilly!!!!

i thought she was gonna sign anything but she was only signing her book so i bought it and they asked you to put down who to address to on a sticky note so i put down MARY THE BIGGEST LOST FAN bc i said i was gonna get something signed for her

when i was waiting for my turn the guy working at the booth took my book and opened to the page for her to sign and saw the note and gave me a look like HMMMMMM i was like oh no this is for my friend and he was like “well mary is making a big claim here” i was like well u go talk to mary

and then i went up to her and she laughed at the sticky note and i said “mary wants me to tell you happy 10th anniversary” and she said thank you and i said “she also wants me to tell you that she will defend kate til her dying breath” and she laughed and said “bless her heart” and then i told her that i was rly excited to see her in antman and that it was awesome to see her on the marvel antman panel she was like “it was so scary to be up there bc they were all like rock stars!!!” WHAT A CUTE and then i told her i was in line forever for the panel she was like “yeah i heard someone in line got bitten by a spider” i was like OK and then thanked her

sigh she’s so sweet she was so great on the panels i saw i’m glad i got to meet her

Why Can't I?
Liz Phair


Why Can’t I? | Liz Phair

believed asked:
it's actually wish upon a star. little known fact: the entirety of what is now known as "the social network" actually just post-credits scene from wish upon a star. what this entire movie attached to the end? no just post-credits scene. david fincher is a marble

FINALLY someone who knows what theyre talking about THANK YOU

That movie is The Social Network.
tonightshow asked:
The Social Network
The Social Network dude



This is for all my lovely new and old followers who have made the Cap2 fandom such an amazing experience <3 I meant to do this giveaway when I got 2000 followers but I couldn’t get my shit together soon enough D: Anyway, these prizes are to celebrate my favorite Cap2 characters (minus Sam Wilson bc there is next to nill merch on him >:[ ):


  1. 1st prize: choice of bobblehead, choice of graphic novel or bag
  2. 2nd prize: choice of bobblehead, graphic novel/bag that first prize didn’t pick
  3. 3rd prize: remaining bobblehead


  1. One reblog+like will be counted. Feel free to reblog more to signal boost <3
  2. You do not have to be following me! But if you’re an existing follower, you’ll get a bonus prize!
  3. Your askbox must be open, or opened within 24 hours of the winner being chosen.
  4. No giveaway blogs, please!
  5. Yes, it’s open internationally
  6. This contest will run until 11:59 PM CST, July 20th.

I think I’ve covered all my bases, but feel free to inbox we with more questions. As always: may the odds be ever in your favor.